smugplant productions

SCREENWRITING - All scripts from Smugplant Productions are female focused, with diverse casting options. We write in all genres, and believe film is a medium for everyone to have the opportunity to shine.

SCRIPT DOCTORING AND CONSULTATION - Feeling a little stuck? Some lines of dialogue just not having the impact you want? Perhaps you’re stuck in the doldrums of writer’s block, or just want a second (or third) pair of eyes on your new pages. Smugplant is here to help.

clouded tower press

clouded tower press

PUBLISHING- Clouded Tower Press prides itself on publishing female-focused novels in a variety of genres, appealing to a wide selection of audiences. From science fiction to regency romance, CTP encourages authors to craft stories with strong heroines and happily ever afters. Series authors include: Cassia Dawn, Ella Wiltshire, and Chloe Wren.

COVER DESIGN - The graphic artists at Clouded Tower Press know what it takes to draw the attention of readers in the over-saturated Amazon market, and they make it their mission to assist authors in creating the perfect cover for their next masterpiece. The artists at CTP work both in and out-of-house, and are happy to consult with authors on an as-needed basis.

AUTHOR CONSULTATION - Stuck in writer’s block purgatory? Let the editor’s at CTP give your ideas a boost and get you from A to B! We offer outline review, beta reading, and other author services for the experienced and novice author alike.


Belladonna Horror Magazine & The Horror Honeys

GENRE MAVENS - The Horror Honeys cover all aspects of the horror, sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy genres with a unique and overarching approach.

INTERVIEWS - our genre interviews reach from indie to major studio releases and feature directors, authors, actors, genre personalities and content creators from all corners of the horror world. Honey Interviews take place one-to-one at film festivals and press junkets and are featured in Belladonna Magazine, on our podcast, and on our website.

REVIEWS - Boasting more than just the general approach to film review, the Honeys are “students of horror,” and we take our job seriously, offering unbiased reviews and opinions that are colored not just by our love of the genre, but a wealth of knowledge and experience in film and television.

BELLADONNA HORROR MAGAZINE - the FIRST horror magazine staffed, designed, written and published by women, Belladonna is a new voice for horror in a market that is rapidly seeing its decline. In an age where literally anyone can have a blog or review site, Belladonna elevates the voices of our writers and presents new opportunities for female genre writers to be showcased. Likewise, our covers and features focus on women working in the genre including directors, actors, producers, and more.

HONEY RADIO - Now in its 4th Season, Honey Radio is a place where the Honeys come together to talk about the horror genre. Whether it be a special edition covering our favorite films or sub-genre, or showcasing a rising indie talent, our podcast is over 100 episodes strong and can be found on iTunes.


Scripts In Progress/Available for Production:

(Genre: Feature-Length Body Horror) (Complete)
When her sister mysteriously disappears, one woman takes matters into her own hands. What she didn’t count on was that a simple email would lead to something much more sinister, and soon, she is caught up in a race against time to save more than her sister’s life.

(Genre: Feature-Length Erotic Thriller) (In-Progress)
He thought she was his manic pixie dream girl… He thought wrong.

Carry My Heart
(Genre: Feature-Length Coming-of-Age Dramedy) (In-Progress)
New York City. A Girl. A love triangle. But this isn’t a romantic comedy. And she isn’t interested in a fairy tale.

45 Days
(Genre: Feature-Length Horror) (In-Progress)
She was the victim of an infamous “Revenge Porn” king’s vicious games. But when the state decides to charge him under a new law and send him to prison for 45 days, she isn’t about to let the bastard off that easily, and takes the law into her own hands.

Target Audience
(Genre: Horror-comedy anthology) (Shorts complete)
Defying horror genre conventions and proving that nothing is static, Target Audience approaches the most popular horror cliches from a unique point of view. Includes: an unusual dating show, a surprising intervention, a home invasion gone unexpectedly wrong, and more.

Apple Pie at the Automat
(Genre: Limited TV Series) (In Progress)
She is one of the only women controlling the world of crime and bootlegging in Brooklyn in 1927. He is commanding an army of drug dealers and small-time hoods in Manhattan in 1981, the most violent year in New York City's history. A freak incident one stormy night in Manhattan brings these two people together, but what does the future hold for a woman from the past?

Southern Cross
(Genre: Limited TV Mystery Series) (In-Progress)
In 1880, Dunedin New Zealand was a thriving town in the midst of a gold rush, but there just isn’t enough going on to keep the daughter of one of the city’s most prominent citizens from getting into trouble. With a quick wit and the reluctant help of her sister, one young woman sets out to right the wrongs that are flying beneath the radar of an overwhelmed police force in the southernmost corner of the British Empire.

Shell Shocked
(Genre: Short horror) (In Production)
It was a night they'd never forget... She'd make sure of it.

The Wrath of the Queen
(Genre: Political Thriller) (In-Progress)
She was tired of being a pawn in the political games that men played. As her life collapses around her, even as she sits at the left hand of the most influential man in the world, she will show them just how powerful a woman can be.

West Haven
(Genre: Horror, Black Comedy) (In-Progress)
He was a serial killer who took great pleasure in his chosen profession. But after a natural disaster leads to unexpected world-wide personality changes in the population, what is a serial killer to do when his victims are all too willing to help him ply his trade?

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